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Taking Risks-Good or Bad?

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Taking Risks-Good or bad? K10-2131/Y3

Not all risks are worth taking, but very many of them are.   We hear stories over and over again about the people who reach the end of their lives and regret the fact that they never took any risks, that they never challenged life and stepped out and tried something that was beyond their current existence. Risk makes us grow in many ways; it helps us in developing the ability to control emotions, to learn from experience and to avail the opportunities that lead to a successful life.
A risk makes one bold enough to not get intimidated by the mere fear of failure. Risks are the adventurous aspect of our boring life as they reflect the daring in us to try something different. Taking risks does not appeal to everyone, but those who truly believe in reaching for the sky often realize early in their lives that it would be impossible for them to do so if they do not take any risks. Some people may be scared to take risks for the fear of failure, but those who are ready to take risks are generally more stronger and powerful in making decisions that forms the link to success in their life.
A failure in some thing makes one come closer to success; if you fail in your attempt to achieve, you will emerge from the experience as a wiser, smarter and more knowledgeable person. Having encountered failure once, your chances of success would be higher at the next attempt because not only would you be cautious about the mistakes that you committed the first time round, but you would also be in a position to make a better choice regarding the methods and strategies to be used. Therefore, you would be better prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead on the path to success.
The doors of opportunity do not open automatically like supermarket doors. We must unlock them and pass through the threshold. In seeking any worthwhile opportunity, you face risk. But if the opportunity holds no risk or challenge it’s probably worth little. Imagine...


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