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Tobacco Ban

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A complete ban on tobacco advertising - healthy or just not economical?

Pro: less smokers, clean environment, death toll decline

Con: less tax revenues, government loses votes,

Recently there have been a lot of talks and discussions about the controversial topic of banning tobacco advertising. Concerning the fact that more and more people die because of smoking, we should rethink this issue and try to counter such bad outcomes. Whether banning tobacco advertising will bring an advantage for all of us or whether a ban could lead in the wrong direction, shall be discussed in the following essay.
First of all it is common sense that by introducing a ban on tobacco advertising will appeal people less to start smoking. People who did not smoke before would not be confronted with tobacco advertisements every day. Hence they would be prevented from starting to smoke. This could at least reduce the figure of the people who start smoking. Moreover this would lead to a cleaner environment especially within buildings, e.g. bars, restaurants. Hence less people would be affected by the smoke and therefore could live a healthy life. Last but not least the death toll of smokers would decline. Assuming a ban on tobacco advertising were introduced, we would have less people who started smoking and maybe more people who would be willing to quit smoking. Consequently the death toll of smokers could be reduced.
But there are not only supporters in favour of banning tobacco advertising. Many people oppose to such an idea and heavily defend their point of view. As we all know there is a tobacco tax on cigarettes there are many voices that are in favour of the tobacco advertising. Concerning the fact that the government has great revenues of this tax, a ban on tobacco advertising would surely have a bad effect on the revenues. Consequently the government would lack means in order to support other parts of the society. Another disadvantage is definitely the votes of the...


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