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Good Versus Evil

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Villainy and Righteousness alternatively the good vs. Evil within humanity in this ever shifting society

In religion, ethics, and philosophy, the phrase "good and evil" refers to the location on a linear spectrum of objects, desires, or behaviour’s similarly the good direction being morally positive, and the evil direction morally negative however It seems obvious to any educated adult that the concepts of good and evil are socially determined   because of the matter of changing opinions. This essay is to debate and express weather the essence of evil and righteousness exist in this ever changing society while exploring the depth it has on how we as human beings view what is considered light and dark.
I have discovered many different views religiously, ethically and politically and found many who think good and evil don’t exist and it boils down to our choices we make through free will . I think it's very naive to think that good and evil do not exist. We can find examples of both every day. Some people are simply born one way or the other, some change as they age, and life events shape them. How do we look into the face of a child rapist and say that evil does not exist? How do acknowledge the work of Mother Theresa and say good does not exist? We can't.
It is difficult to truly determine the difference between good and evil actions although we can deduce the difference because that is our belief. Throughout the years, we have gone thorough much change in society. What we used to think was good might now be bad, and vice versa. For example, some ancient civilizations believed in human sacrifices to be "good" in order to please their Gods. Now, we believe killing, like this, to be cruel or "evil." In addition to that, our ways of thinking conflict very much with nature at times. When we think "murder is evil", aren't we murdering cows and pigs every day because we think this food is good? When we think "equality is good", why is it natural for some people to be...


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