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Childline Essay

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Unit 1 Controlled Assessment

Childline is a website that was set up in 1986 aimed at children to the age of 19 of all genders and ethnicities who have issues regarding any problems a child has. The text mainly provides information on how to stay safe over the net and how to overcome any troubles if you experience any e.g. they will tell you not to give out your password etc... Their main purposes are to inform, advise and entertain, we know this because the website has a lot of information regarding safety, also to entertain they have a lot of interactive features so that the kids will not feel bored of the webpage.
The Childline webpage uses a number of presentational features. Firstly I will start with the childline logo. It’s positioned in the top left hand corner of the webpage; it’s shaped as a speech bubble with and green outline and inside them is written “Childline”. And their number which is “0800 1111” And finally there is a telephone which has a smiley face on it and is placed in a small green circle. The green which is used for the speech bubble connotes positivity and safety so that when kids build up the courage to phone Childline they know that they are talking to a trusted organisation who they can trust with their issues and that they are safe talking to them knowing that they will not disclose their problems to anybody else and it will stay kept in the speech bubble. As well as the green representing safety, the colour white is to signify purity and innocence which is also another factor that children can relate to, white is associated with heaven which portrays Childline as an product from god, a symbol of hope for kids to overcome problems faced by them and that Childline is there to help.
Secondly “Childine” And the number “0800 1111” is written bold and formally inside the speech bubble, this gives the organisation a serious touch and the boldness is so that you can see everything easily and clearly and so that the number is easily...


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