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How to Make Green Dragon

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Marijuana Drinks - Green Dragon Drink
Green Dragon Drink

Making drinkable marijuana or (Green Dragon):

Green Dragon is an alcohol/THC based drink. It is very simple to make and has very pleasurable effects.

The active ingredient in marijuana is THC, which is not a water-soluble compound. So, the THC has to be extracted using alcohol and then added to food and/or liquid that can then be entered directly into our system through the digestive tract rather than through the lungs.

This type of consumption of marijuana tends to be both slower and more efficient than smoking it. Further the unpleasant effects of smoking heated smoke are completely eliminated. For these reasons this is the favored method of marijuana consumption by many people and medicinal patients.

The highest proof alcohol available should be used.
(Everclear or similar alcohol is suggested)

To do this you must obtain the highest proof alcohol available. This allows for the best results. 190 proof is highly recommended.
Then you need a good quality marijuana.

Rule of Thumb: (About one half gram per ounce of alcohol.)

First break up the marijuana and take out all seeds.You may leave the stems. Then open the bottle of alcohol and pour about a forth of it out. This will allow room for the weed. Then carefully add all broken up herbal matter into the bottle. Put the cap back on and shake.

Store it in a safe area and let it set for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. After the wait, pour the green tinted substance into another container through a strainer. You may use a coffee filter or cheese cloth.

The final product is high proof alcohol laced with high amounts of pure THC.

One may drink the product straight, but this is not recommended. A common way of consumption is to mix three parts 7-Up with one part Green Dragon and a dollop of honey stirred in. Serve over ice.


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