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Role of Students in Politics

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I think students should play an important role in politics.

Today the country is waiting for young and honest leaders to rule them. We need a break from the corrupted politicians who make our country famous as a still developing country.

We want to see our country as a well developed country. We want young leaders who will not get corrupted and use technology to develop a newer and better country. Let us make our nation educated. Most of the leaders today are too rich enough to understand the common people’s problems. And so I believe it is a young and educated leader who can understand and change our corruptive society for a better tomorrow.

When we talk of the participation of students in agitations and fightings related to issues like telangana, I would say students should participate in them but not in a violent way. We have seen many students lose their lives foolishly by burning themselves, committing suicide etc... Is all this correct?

Why don’t we think about the future?? When we are fighting for something with real passion, why do we want to die before enjoying what we are fighting for? Why kill ourselves? Are we not literate enough, can’t we think of better ways to solve our problems? I think killing oneself for any reason would be the most foolish and cowardish thing in the world.

By burning buses, public property we are doing nothing but causing harm to ourselves. We saw few months back, many people especially young ones resorted to suicide, killing themselves and the reasons were stated as sacrifice for getting telangana... Why don’t we understand that it is we who are going to live tomorrow, so why should we kill ourselves when we can’t enjoy the tomorrow for which we are fighting today... Let us live and still fight for it.

We can all have a written note signed by all of us expressing the thing we want and send them to our nation's leaders like the president etc.. let us try to achieve it through non-violence, if not...


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