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The Argument Of Corruption

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What is corruption? What do we mean by a person being corrupt? Well in moral or philosophical terms, a corrupt person is someone who is spiritually n morally impure or deviated from an ideal. Whereas in economical terms a corrupt person is someone who gives or receives payment for services or materials which are not due, under the law. This is generally known as "Bribery" or "Baksheesh". Human society is corrupted from the root to the tip. Even though most guys would disagree with me. Many would even try to distance themselves as far as possible from the title of "Being Corrupt". Even you guys, would like to show me figures, numbers, percentages which show us which countries are corrupt and which are not. But my friends... these are only the official figures, these numbers only show those who were caught in the act but not those who are behind the scenes or work on a lower scale.

Our hunger for that extra cent, that quick buck has increased as much as the number of things that money can buy today, which is virtually everything. and this hunger has contributed greatly towards the increase in no. of people being corrupted.

Once, on my journey from Pune to Assam, I had an argument about "corruption" with an assistant teacher who was travelling on the same train. We both agreed that everyone should rid themselves from this disease called corruption. But while I was admanant that we can fight against corruption only if the govt. made the required law and punished all the culprits severely. He had the opinion that instead of forcing people to give up their corrupted ways we should fight it by teaching our children the right values and showing them the right path. The argument went on for about half an hour, and in the end I was convinced that this gentleman's way of thinking was too rigid for him to agree with a kid's opinion.*smiles*

That was 4 years back...

And now that there is this Lokpall bill, about everyone being answerable to the law irrespective of...


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