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Division of Labour

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a) The division of tasks, roles, and duties within the household. With the increased entry of married women into formal employment

  b) The "egalitarian" marriage in which husband and wife share financial, child-rearing and household responsibilities.
Nowadays the percentage of working women increases dramatically. This means that they are gaining power and even in some cases becoming not any more reliant upon husband’s money.   Day by day the equality on workplace increases, which means that the women’s status increases as well.   All this reasons lead to equality in family, because as women get more power she is not being under her husband’s pressure and control anymore, so the decisions making, shared finance and household responsibility equalises.

  c) Bott has a theory about joint and segregated conjugal roles, where he explains joint conjugal role where the tasks are shared such as housework, children care and leisure time. Young and Willmott argue about the increase of joint conjugal families and reduction of segregated conjugal families. They call it < March of progress>, which also suggests that there is an improvement in families, where female and male are becoming more symmetrical.
Moreover there have been improvements in equality which could change men’s role as parent and the reasons are:
  * More women go to work, so men would spent more time for childcare
  * Men now help more with domestic duties and childcare
  * More leisure time together, home orientated < privatised>
Moreover Young and Willmott argue that men are taking a greater share of domestic tasks, and there are more women in full time work.

  d) There is clear evidence that there is an inequality between husbands and wives.
Parson’s theory about instrumental and expressive roles suggests that that Men mostly take on an instrumental roles, they aim to achieve success at work, so they can provide family with food ^bread winners> and women mostly take an...


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