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Phileas Fogg

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        As I was reading around the world in 80 days I realized that the first 20 to 30 pages where describing Phileas Fogg’s individuality. I found out he was easygoing or collected, caring and mysterious. At first I was thinking that Phileas Fogg doesn’t really relate to anyone that I know. But then I was thinking Phileas is like my mom, my mom’s caring and collected but she isn’t that mysterious.
        Phileas Fogg seems like he would be very collected or easygoing, at least I think he would be. Collected means that a person is not easily distracted or perturbed this right away made me think of my mom. Most of the time it’s very hard to grab her attention weather or not she’s doing something important. Usually it’s hard to grab her attention when she’s doing her homework that she gets from school. My mom is also easygoing because she’ll usually let me do whatever I want as long as it’s not too horrible.
        Phileas can also be caring and kind when the time comes around but when he’s kind he is in the greatest way that he can be. For example he chooses to give money to the homeless men or women that are sitting on streets. My mom is like a normal mom, she’ll be kind and caring all the time no matter what happens and she’ll help me or anyone threw most issues.
        Finally one of the last traits I realized that Phileas had was mysteriousness. Phileas Fogg was mysterious in around the world in 80 days because he mostly just sits in his room all day and doesn’t really talk to anyone besides a few reformed members. My mom is the complete opposite of that she usually more obvious and open about things.
        Around the world in 80 days is a wonderful book so far. Phileas Fogg obviously has a lot more personality traits then collected, caring and mysterious. But I selected those three because they were the most noticeable and they were the most relatable. My mom is more like Phileas Fogg then...


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