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Allison: well, that long, typed-out note you sent byAustin to me and Katie was....DUMB!!! hello? we werent born yesterday! your mother had to write that for you! ya know if you really had to say something you would GROW UP and say it to my face!!! I was hoping you wouldnt leave so abruptly! i wanted to say goodbye. I really wanted to be friends with you too! you are beautiful, loving, kind, and you make me want to cry when your upset. guess what? IM LYING JUST LIKE YOU DID GUH! i really couldnt care ANY less about you being a whiny butt and leaving. youre a big chicken and I dont give two booboo's about it! Cody was supposed to be MY friend! not yours but he wanted what I'm not: skinny, dumb, cry baby, and the biggest 2face I've ever met in my life!you have made my life a living heck! yeah, I could be better at things sometimes but ya know what? nothing matters in my life anymore because you have absolutely RUINED the frienddships I HAD with the guys at church and now everyone will point their fingers at me and Katie and say hey, those are the two girls that ran the poor little depressed girl off! guess what!? you arent the first and dang sure aint the last poor pitiful soul who is "depressed" or anything! i honestly think you are crazy! btw be sure to ask your mommy for me, what did she mean by writing me and Katie the note??? oh wait, I forgot, I'm not supposed to know that am I??? ya know, if you were really mad at us you would have put your big girl panties on, came to church, and got all up in my face so I couldve beat the ever living crap out of you! I dont EVER want to see your rude self ever again! you have me andKatie blame for crap YOU STARTED AND THAT YOU DID SO GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!! because trust me boo, I wont complain the FIRST bit! Thanks for ruining my life! i hope yours is too! I was blamed Saturday night whenever you told Cody that you werent coming back. go boohoo somewhere else! oh! and you remember that time that you thought I was going to beat...


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