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There Is No Success Like Failure

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“There’s no success like failure” What is your view on the idea that success can begin with failure
Failure is the first step of succeeding. First, failure gives the desire to try harder next time. Second, failure gives information of what shouldn’t be done next time. It can be true that something could succeed without any failure but that wouldn’t be better than the one that went through many failures.
Failure gives the desire to try harder to reach the point that one hasn’t. The ones who have failed in the past try much harder to reach the point they couldn’t. For example, I participated in a model United Nation that was for teenagers. Since I had nothing researched I couldn’t say anything. I was a bit quite so the chairs asked me to speak up a little. I was very embarrassed at that moment. Although when the model united nations were over all I could think was to try harder next time and get better results and as a result of working hard I could go in first place the second time I participated. Just like this, failure brings the desire to succeed and work hard.
Failure informs what should not be done to improve. The one’s who have failed in the past knows what to do and what to avoid from their experiences of failing. There used to be two rivals who opened a company of their own. One named James was known as a genius in town but the other one Stuart was known for his stupidity. Both of the rivals made a new item of their own. Although Stuart went around the country and asked many people their ideas of his item James thought his was the best anyways and sat back until he finished. Stuart went through many complaints and fell many times but got up every time he fell and found other ways to meet the want of others. Which company do you think lasted longer the one made the genius James or Stuart? That’s right Stuart who went through many failures and heard what the others didn’t like about the item he has made could change his item knowing what to avoid but...


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