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Freedom Is A Right

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Freedom can appear in many places and forms, amongst many different people and various countries. America was founded on the idealism of freedom: freedom from oppression, persecution and tyranny. Although you may not see it in your everyday life, freedom is all around us, shaping the world we live in.
Could you imagine growing up in a country where your place in society is predetermined the moment you are born? Many people in the United States cannot imagine firsthand what this would be like. To this day, many third-world countries are still fighting for basic liberties and freedoms that are automatically given to us. Every day, we trust that we have the freedom of speech to say what we want, about who we want, without the fear of prosecution. Many take this for granted, or fail to realize the immensity of this given right and freedom.
You would be hard-pressed to find a teenager who has not resented going to school at one point or another. What we tend to not realize is that half a world away, there are kids our same age who would give everything to have just one day in a classroom. We are given the privilege to be educated at the highest standard and level in this country. It is darkly ironic how students in other countries strive for an education, where we might like nothing more than a day off from school.
Every day, millions of Americans travel across various counties and states without a second thought. In a country like China or Russia, as a citizen, these freedoms would be heavily restricted, if not entirely removed. To simply travel to another province or district, you would need to wait weeks or months to gain approval from the government. In India, only certain privileged and educated individuals are allowed to be issued a passport. In this country, any citizen, regardless of income or education, can travel where freely without restrictions.


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