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The Challenges Faced by First Year Students at a University

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Title: The Challenges faced by first year student at the university.
Context: Low performances observed from the first year students at the University.
Subject: Challenges.
Limiting Subject:
a). Challenges.
b). Student.
c). University.
Issue: It is very important to recognize that first year student at the university, faces challenges.
Thesis: The cause of low performance of first year students at the university comprises of a number of challenges. This includes Personal, Educational, Environmental and Social Challenges.

Firstly, Personal challenges faced by first year students at the University may cover three challenges. Loneliness is the first of these three personal challenges. Loneliness is an emotional feeling arises when somebody feels that he/she was been left out by his friends, especially in a totally new environment like here. In addition, it is a quite common feeling faced by most first year students at Universities when they left their families, to do abroad studies in higher level of Education. A common and a classic example, of this feeling is Home and lovesick; this happens when you are missing your family or somebody so special to you in life, apart from each other. Fortunately, this emotional feeling can be only last few weeks to recover from, as more friends will be met in the due time.
Next, for the first year students, communication challenges are a major concern to them. Even though, English is the common language used and well understand by students. However, the main concern of the first year student at the University is, when it comes to the fluency and confidence in oral speaking especially during presentation and discussions during classes. However, this can be only takes some time to get over it, as different students from different countries will started to interact with each other using English language as their common medium of communication.
A further point is financial problem. Most...


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