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Capabilities of the Mind

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Capabilities of the Mind

The ideology of life itself and self-discovery form under the influence of nameless sources that our minds may not yet comprehend. Alain de Botton, author of “On Habit” comes to a realization that not only he but the world have come to a conclusion that their universe seemed to be uninteresting and dull. Through the blurred vision of modern culture, as humans, what we perceive to be anything but the ordinary seems to bring about curiosity. By way of the attentions that allure the concentrations of individuals we force upon ourselves framed thinking and tolerate expectations. By Botton becoming introduced to Xavier de Maistre’s reading Journey around My Bedroom, and Nocturnal Expedition around my Bedroom, it had flipped the switch in his head like a light bulb. Xavier de Maistre was used an example in de Botton’s reading to help circumnavigate and rediscover ways to appreciate not only the travels one goes on forth, but to discover the unknown and unseen appraisals that have been disregarded.
Being accustomed to a situation or ones surroundings induces habituation where acknowledgments lack. For the reason that, a person’s mind craves new experiences and endures ventures that have not been accomplished yet because they believe there is nothing left to learn in the place they are familiarized with. When De Botton returned from his trip to Barbados and back home to London he states, “That the city had stubbornly refused to change… [He] felt despair to be home. [He] felt there could be few worse places on earth than the one [he] had been fated to spend [his] existence in” (de Botton 59).   De Botton’s view on his hometown was bottled in with limitations of what he had already seen. There was no imaginable comparison from London to Barbados because he lacked the interest to find and study from them. However, after reading about the expedition De Maistre experimented with, De Botton recognized the issues occurring almost every day with the...


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