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Drug Abuse

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Drug addiction is the state of psychic or physical dependence , or both on a dangerous drug , arising in a person following the administration or use of drug on a periodic or continuous basis . Drug addiction implies a habit . Cultivation of such habit , against medical advice and for reasons wholly unjustified , contradicts natural law . Such abuse of drugs and chemicals effect adversely the mind and body . Many crimes besides are traced to drug addiction
Drug addiction may also call as drug dependence . Psychic dependence sometimes called drug
habituation , is characterized by a strong emotional drive to take a drug . Among the drugs that can produce psychic dependence are marijuana and such stimulants as cocaine and amphetamines . Persons habituated to drugs often can be helped in breaking their habit by psychiatric counseling and treatment (Julien 2003
Psychic and physical dependence , often called drug addiction , has all the characteristics of psychic dependence plus a physical , or bodily need for the drug . In physical dependence , severe physical reactions called withdrawal symptoms , occur of the drug is withheld from the user The symptoms , which last for a week or two , include vomiting , cramps delirium , unconsciousness , and other reactions that are both painful and frightening
In many cases of physical dependence , a tolerance to the drug develops That is , the effect of the drug diminishes if the same dose is taken repeatedly , and in most cases the user must increase the dose to achieve the desired effect . Drugs that produce both a psychic and a physical dependence include narcotics and such sedatives as barbiturates
If there is physical dependence on a drug , treatment is usually twofold - withdrawal therapy followed by psychiatric therapy . In withdrawal therapy , the user is given smaller and smaller doses of the drug each day until the threat of developing severe withdrawal symptoms disappears . Sometimes a drug with less severe...


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