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Medicine Personal Statement

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I would love to study medicine because it is a course that combines
intense theoretical and practical science. Another pull factor in this
field of work is that one is able to apply theoretical knowledge.
Medicine will prove to be an incredibly varied, challenging and
rewarding career, since it will allow me to apply theoretical
knowledge to improve the health of people. Medicine combines the
excitement of scientific investigation with a great deal of human
contact; this course is unique in this way as it is far from pure
research. The course will be an intellectual challenge and will
develop my critical thinking as well as my social responsibility. My A
level studies have given me a sound foundation, equipping me with
theoretical and practical application. Economics has helped my ability
to apply theory to many situations whereas chemistry has helped my
analytical and practical skills. This will prove beneficial to the
course. I regularly read articles related to medicine as these
compliment the sciences I study at school and broaden my understanding
of the fast advancing developments in the medical world.

I am involved in regular voluntary work at 'Birchwood Rest Home' and
have completing work experience at Chingford Hospital. Voluntary work
at 'Liaqate Medical College' and hospital in Pakistan has provided me
with the unique opportunity to compare how hospitals function and how
patients are cared for in developing and developed countries. I became
acquainted with people from different backgrounds and upbringings,
broadening my social understanding. During these placements I realised
the importance of being both professional without becoming emotionally
attached to patients but still maintaining a high level of sensitivity
to their needs. Work experience gave me an insight into the need for
efficient time management, organisation skills and the importance of
remaining calm in many situations. Shadowing a local GP made me
realise the...


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