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F Blue and red are complementary colors.
T More light is transmitted through a translucent material than through an opaque material.
T Different colors of light are associated with different wavelengths.
F A red ball is red because it has absorbed red light.
F The primary colors of light are the same as the primary colors of pigments.
T A light source moving toward an observer will appear to be at a higher frequency than its actual frequency.

Which term describes a material that does not allow light to be transmitted? (Opaque)

Which is matched correctly with its unit of measure? (Luminous flux - lumens)

The distance of an illuminated object from its light source is doubled while the luminous flux remains constant. Which is trust of the illuminance on the object? (The illuminance will be quartered)

The hydrogen in a star emits light at 483nm as observed by an astronomer. Which describes...spectral line of hydrogen is measured at 486nm? (deh fck?)

Which is not a primary pigment color? (red)

Which color of light is produced by mixing red light and blue light? (magenta light)

Which describes the bending of light as it passes around or through a slit? (diffraction)

Which results in light waves oriented all in one plane? (polarization)

A red apple is illuminated by green light. What color would the apple appear? (black)

A yellow lemon is illuminated by green light. What color does the lemon appear? (brown)

What angle should two polarizing filters be held to one another to block all light from passing through them? (90 degrees to each other)

Astronomer describes a comet….blue shifted. ( it is moving closer)


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