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What Does Justice Mean to Jesus

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Jesus was a good natured man. Born in Bethlehem Nazareth, celebrated on the 25th of December (Christmas). So, what does justice mean to him and why?
Who was Jesus? Jesus is known as the son of god, born form the Virgin Mary. For his title being the son of god it has been impossible to question anything about Jesus, and asking any questions was not allowed; some were killed for it. Jesus the ‘son of god’ is he more than a man? He rose from the dead, he ascended to heaven, he cast out evil spirits, he could perform miracles, he was a teacher and healed the sick and was born of a virgin. If he were to be just a man I’m sure all this would no have occurred? He was the founder of the Christian church and as he ascended to heaven, the people built churches to pray up to him. This then lead to Christianity becoming the state religion and the denominations of catholic and
How Jesus Dies On The Cross...

Protestant gradually becoming better around each other and learning to live in peace.
Jesus was an Islamic prophet. In Islam, Jesus is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Masih (Messiah) he is to guide the children of Israel. Like all Islamic prophets, Jesus is considered to have been a Muslim.
How did Jesus treat people?   Jesus, from what we know defiantly treated people differently to how they would treat him. From what we know about Jesus he was born in Bethlehem Nazareth and it was around the time of King Herod. This particular king had a horrible plan to kill all of the Jews alive at that time. Of course knowing Jesus was one of them. When Jesus was killed on the cross by the Romans, he sacrificed his life to save all of ours which there you can see is a big example to how Jesus treated people in comparison to how the king did. To give you a better idea of how Jesus treated people, local religious man Bernard Williams has this to say...
“I believe in Re-incarnation. And I believe before this life I was another man who knew Jesus. I knew the Jesus who...


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