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Don’t Leave the Love.

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Don’t Leave the Love.
Few days before somebody ask me what love is.? I laugh on him and said how stupid question it is? He said "how can you say stupid question?". i answered, "this is the only question which has multiple answer", people says that it has multiple definition but i saw the people who said (emotionally) love has no definition its a feeling that we just have to feel rather than observe or define.
Well that 2nd thought clicked me hard, it’s true, but what about others opinion, they are also true and well experienced, no matter, good or worst experience. These people say that "love is all about understanding each other, but that should be from both side because one loose side can be loose any time. But Understanding is not the only thing which maintains the love in relationship, compromise and behaves is the integral part of love in relation. Then again questions come that "how can compromise come in love"? Well answer is very simple just like many definition and opinion about love; compromise is among them because according to my one of the friend "love is all about makes other happy". And this is not necessary that you will like whatever he or she like.
I would say LOVE is magic. Just enjoy it, don’t try to think about tricks and techniques of it. Because, if you come to know the technique then magic will never be magic for you. Don’t make your love artificial. That feelings, that emotions should have to come from inside. don’t feel like I have to change myself for her or him its upto you that whether this change is very much necessary in you, off course you have to improve yourself but what about your sake of interest, make your interest in perfect direction so that your love one will never stop about this.
But we don’t have to neglect another love one for any one which we like. I would share my little experience when I ask her "HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME" she said "no limit". She was ready to leave her parents for me. I had also soft feelings for her,...


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