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Gun Control- Letter to Ann Coulter

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Dear Ann coulter,
I want to start off and commend you on your blunt ignorance. I’m very surprised that you have not been called out for being a true racist. The first issue I wanted to bring up is your thought on gun control. From analyzing your view on gun control in America, I realize you are very uneducated on the topic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when closed-minded people like you say garbage on National T.V you need to be called out.   The fact that you speak like your stating facts, just blows my mind. Where are your statistics and numbers of the facts? You say it’s a demographical thing, but the few black people that have committed a major crime aren’t everyone. If you were to do your research you would know that over seventy percent of whites committed the majority of massive crimes in America. You single out a race and act as whites are superior to others. You are very abusive to the African American race on basis of such belief and that my friend is RACIST. As far as England and Europe goes they have approximately 2.40% African descents. The crime rate there is low because the gun policies. You have to pass a background check, complete a shooting practice class for atleast six months and the police investigate any mental history. Compared to America their policies are the reason the rates are lower. With white populations being contrasted to Belgium is outrageous Belgium has crime like any other community in America. Yea sure it’s not murders, but there are still rapes, pickpocketing, and mugging.   White and black communities are different, but obviously it doesn’t have much effect on the way people are perceived. Those white people that grow up in the perfect bubble that you try to portray are the mass murders in America today. I can go on and on and throw logical facts in your face, but you will still be a racist. It just hurts to see that there are people like you in this world, so full...


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