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Of Mice and Men Essay

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Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to prove the man sitting before you guilty of the murder of the young lady who still had a whole life ahead of her. Lennie Small is a man who is aware of his strength and yet doesn’t control it. The young lady was giving him no reason to have injured her in any way, she was just talking to him as any other person would have.   He is a dangerous person and should be convicted of murder. Theres no doubt that Mr.Smalls is the killer of Curley’s wife. “Don’t you go yelling, he said and he shook her body like a fish. For Lennie had broken her neck.” (p.91) This shows that the reason Lennie grabbed her was because she was yelling and he was obviously trying to make her quiet however, it resulted in her murder. Others may say Curley’s wife provoked her own death. However, curley’s wife was just being polite, she allowed him to stroke her hair “ She took Lennie’s hand and put it on her head. “Feel right aroun’ there an’ see how soft it is.” Curley wife gave him no reason at all for him to even injure her. Lennie Small should be convicted or put into a psychiatric Hospital.

Curley's wife was In fact not the first living thing Mr.Smalls had killed, and if he's not arrested it won't be his last either. Lennie obviously had too much strength for him to handle he was big and buff, yet his mind remained as that of a child. The people around him knew this but they didn't took action they saw Lennie injure and kill other animals but they didn't took action therefore we should take charge now. Mr.Smalls is guilty of murder and just like any other criminal, he should pay for his crime. In conclusion, there is no doubt that Mr.smalls should be put in jail. He is not safe since he is not in full control of his strenght and could injure anything or anyone that comes into sight. The young lady murdered didn’t give a reasonable explanation for Mr.Smalls to kill her, therefore he should pay for what he did and be convicted for his crime.


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