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Abortion: Affects All Parties

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Abortion, it affects all parties
Abortion not only kills but also harms the mother and any children she has in the future. A pregnancy is typically forty weeks and during this entire process a human life is being formed. At four weeks the baby’s spine and brain begin to develop and at five to six weeks the baby’s heart begins to pump blood.   During the sixth week the growth process begins to speed up. Facial features as well as arms and legs begin to develop thus the creation of a beautiful life. There are several types of abortion the first is an early abortion that takes place in the first nine weeks which involves taking two different medications which will give the effect of a miscarriage. The second is suction termination from seven to fifteen weeks which involves suctioning the fetus from the womb. The third is a late medical abortion that takes place nine to twenty weeks into the pregnancy this procedure like the first involves taking medications and may take longer requiring the person to take more of the medicine. The fourth is called surgical dilation and evacuation this procedure takes place fifteen weeks into pregnancy. In this procedure forceps will used and the cervics will be opened to remove the fetus. The last one is called late abortion. There are two types, the first is surgical this is a two stage process. The first stage stops the heartbeat of the fetus and softens the fetus. The second stage removes the fetus and surrounding tissues. The second type is medical this involves medicine being injected into the womb essentially causing the person to have a still born baby. All of these procedures result in taking the life of a baby.
Furthermore, studies have shown that women who have abortions develop major heath complications. Studies show that women who have abortions are more likely to die prematurely then women who carry to full term. They are sixty percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven percent more likely to commit suicide,...


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