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Rafique Bhuiyan # 200293907
ENG-110—Critical reading and Writing II
Assignment#1, Date: February 04, 2013
Instructor: Gerry Hill

            I learned what “Smata” means from Job

      “Smata” is a Hebru word, I learned from my boss, which means “rug”. After Christmas and the year end break, my desk was full of dust; boss came by and asked me to give him a “Smata” to clean the desk. This happened when I was working as a manager at Puffy Fashions Inc. in 2009, in Montreal. My boss, Mickey Mendelssohn, was a Jew. He, all the time, used to come up with new words, which I understood as a Jewish way of pushing or encouraging the job done. For me, at least, he was a guy with some sense of humour, duty, and commitment towards his work which he inherited from his mother. Yes, I was the part of this company from 2001 to 2009, before I move to Regina. Since my boyhood to right before arrival to Canada, I gathered some job understanding which is the pillar of my today’s experience. In early 2001, I came to Montreal, Canada. I was delightful and excited about this new phase in my life. I was, however, also saddened by the impending challenges I might have to face over the next number of years. I was a guy from Bangladesh and new to the customs, cultures, policies and other attributes of Canadian life. Although it did not take a lot of time to figure these things out. I was welcomed with a position of Assistant Manager of Puffy Fashions Inc. located in 7101, Rue Jean-Talon, Montreal, Quebec, and it was the month of May, 2001. The business of Puffy Fashions was to produce kids clothing design, manufacture them, import the clothing and to sale them to the Canadian boutique stores including Wal-Mart, Sears, Zellers, Giant Tiger and the Bay. My manager was Allen Fix, aged 45, who was the manager of shipping and receiving section and I was the assistant manager in the same department. Twelve employees were working under Allen including me. We had to deal with different...


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