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I am disappointed at classmates not coming to the meeting.
I was disappointed at not finding him there.

I was surprised at his calling me.
I was surprised at their congratulating me.
He is responsible for recruiting and training new staff.
I am responsible for implementing new project.

I was prevented from sleeping.
We must try to prevent her from going back there.
My yesterday’s task consisted in finishing all work.
The task of the research consists in determining the parameters.

They persist in asking us to go out.
He persists in thinking that he's always right.

Our discussion resulted in solving the problem.
All my effort resulted in nothing.

Last week I spent time in cleaning the kitchen.
I spent some time in doing my homework.

I succeeded in persuading her.
I hope we will succeed in finding the missing dog.

They are engaged in selling of computers.
They are engaged in repairing of cars.

My friend is interested in writing poems.
She is interested in taking driving lessons.

They accused her of lying.
I was accused of doing something I didn't do.

I don’t approve of children playing videogames too much time.
My mother disapproved of me having come so late.

I suspected him of erasing my files.
I suspected her of damaging the equipment.

I heard of her playing the guitar.
He wouldn't hear of my walking home alone.

He is thinking of buying a new car.
I had never thought of becoming a doctor.
My little sister is not afraid of remaining alone.
I started to feel afraid of going out alone at night.

He is capable of lying to get out of trouble.
He is incapable of understanding the problem.

I am fond of painting.
My brother is fond of watching TV.

She is proud of riding a snowboard.
I am proud of being her friend.

I was counting on my friend driving me home.
She hadn't counted on it raining.

My friends insist on playing their music late at night.
I insisted on being given every detail of the...


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