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Of the many factors that contribute to a successful future, an understanding of Personality Type is among the most useful.While interests and skills change during the course of a person's life, the one thing that does remain constant is an individual's Personality Type - the innate way each person naturally prefers to see the world and make decisions. And although all individuals are unique, people of the same type share enormous similarities in the kinds of academic subjects and careers they find interesting, and the kind of work they find satisfying.By understanding the role Personality Type plays, people can gain important insights into their educational, career, and relationship needs. And because people of different types often communicate in very different ways, counselors and teachers can learn which strategies work most effectively with each individual student.Understanding you, Shaunak
People like you are independent, curious, and creative. You are very private and need plenty of time alone to think things through or tinker with the subjects and projects that really interest you. You tend to have a very small cluster of close, trusted friends and rarely initiate social activities. You need lots of space and don't like to be crowded or pressured to participate in social activities that are too hectic or superficial. You may have a real passion for science or the arts and enjoy learning new things. Inventive and imaginative, you make quick and insightful connections, and enjoy coming up with original solutions to problems. But you get bored quickly, dislike repetition, and may struggle to explain your ideas simply and clearly to other people.You are also a super logical person and are able to remain calm and cool in almost any situation. Because you are bothered by unfairness and inconsistency, and are rarely influenced by other people's opinions, you can speak your mind honestly, if sometimes a bit bluntly. Above all, you strive to meet or...


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