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STEALING BY CAROL ANN DUFFY is about a persona who has a hard time and resorts to stealing peoples memories . The persona also has no one to talk to because he steals he steals a snowman to talk to suggesting he is lonely inside or without family
At the beginning of the poem I think the speaker is talking to a councillor about his stealing problems were he breaks into house just to have a look .He steals memories that belong to others because he has none at least none to remember .We also presume he doesn’t have people to share them with or maybe his family have rejected left or maybe he doesn’t want anyone to help him with this   problem. Maybe he thinks he can solve it himself but he wants a family member or members to share this with to help him. I think he stole the snowman for a friend someone to talk to so he can have memories of his own rather than steal others .Maybe this was his last steal to put him back on track with his life but it has gone wrong .This makes me feel a bit sorry for him because he cant help himself from stealing things belonging to others. I also feel angry at the same time because he gets thrills from   taking peoples things and memories I know he gets thrills because he says “part of the thrill was knowing children would cry in the morning”. He also goes on to say “I once stole a camera “ and says to us that he is stealing peoples memories .
The persona says he thought that he would learn to play guitar “I once stole a guitar thought I would learn to play “, I think he was trying to express his inner   talent but I still don’t think that he wanted to steal the guitar because he could have bought one from the shops . the persona reacts in anger by taking a run and “booting him” when he moves the snowman he sees he is not “tall white mute” that it was in the first place . Also he cant talk to them because he isn’t the same brilliant person that he could share his thought with at the beginning   .when he first...


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