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UNIT – 1


1) Define irrigation ?
Irrigation is defined as the science of artificial application of water to the land in
accordance with the crop requirements.

2) What are the necessity of irrigation ?
1.inadequate rainfall
2.increasing yield of crops
3.growing perennial crops
4.uneven distribution of rainfall.

3) What are the advantages of irrigation?
1.increase in food production
2.optimum benefits
3.general prosperity

4) What are the disadvantages of irrigation?
1.over irrigation may lead to water logging
2.it may reduce cropyield
3.it is expensive and complex.

5) What are the types of irrigation?
1.surface irrigation
2.sub-surface irrigation.

6) what are the techniques of water distribution in the farms?
1.free flooding
2.border flooding
3.check flooding
4.basin flooding, furrow irrigation method, drip irrigation method.

7) What are the types of sprinkler system?
1.permanent system
2.semi-permanent system
3.portable system

8)What are the advantages of sprinkler irrigation?
1.land levelling is not required
2.fertilisers can be uniformly applied
3.it is less labour oriented

9) What are the limitations of sprinkler irrigation?
1.initial cost of the system is very high
2.it requires larger electrical power
3.high wind may distort sprinkler pattern

10) What is arid region?
The area where irrigation is must for agriculture is called arid region

11) What is semi-arid region?
The area in which inferior crops can be grown without irrigation

12) What is crop period?
The time period that elapses from the instant of its sowing to the instant of
its harvesting is called crop period.

13) What is base period?
The time between the first watering of a crop at the time of its sowing to its
last watering before harvesting is called the base period

14) What is rotation period?
The time interval between two such consecutive watering is called
frequency irrigation.



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