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Multiple Dimensions of Organizational Identification and Commitment

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CJBS 37-3


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Page 159

Multiple Dimensions of Organizational Identification
and Commitment as Predictors of Turnover Intentions
and Psychological Well-Being
Saint Mary’s University

Although it is recognized that identification and commitment are closely related aspects of employees’ psychological attachment to the organization, there has been no
analysis of the overlap between multiple dimensions of
each construct. In this study, three-component models of
organizational identification and commitment were
investigated as predictors of turnover intentions and psychological well-being (self-esteem, satisfaction with life,
and self-efficacy) among employees (N = 60) of a small
organization. Highly identified employees tended to be
committed ones, but different dimensions of each construct were specifically linked to various criteria.
Affective components of both identification and commitment were negatively associated with turnover intentions, and positive in-group affect (i.e., feelings derived
from being a member of the organization) predicted perceptions of self-efficacy. Continuance commitment was
distinct from the other predictors, and was negatively
related to self-esteem and self-efficacy. The results warrant further efforts to integrate the perspectives of social
identity theory and organizational psychology.
Même si on reconnaît que l’identification et l’engagement
sont intimement liés aux aspects de l’attachement psychologique d’un employé à l’organisation, il n’y a pas
d’analyse qui fait le lien entre les dimensions multiples
de chaque construit. Dans la présente étude, les modèles
à trois composants de l’identification et de l’engagement
organisationnels ont été étudiés en tant qu’indicateurs
prévisionnels des intentions de départ (roulement du
personnel) et du bien-être psychologique (estime de soi,
satisfaction dans la vie et autoefficacité) parmi...


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