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Mindless Behavor

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Mindless Behavior are more than four boys to me, they are like my world <3. Where will I be in the world without them? Like I have been supporting theses four boys for almost 2 years. I love them so much not even words can explain but I will try. They are so like TALENETED. 7-1-12 and 9-20-11 is our day those were the days my babies accomplished something big in their Career. When I look at them now I cry they grew up so much, words can’t even explain.
Prodigy the super talented kid I love you. They say no one is perfect but you are. Anything that you try and do you succeed. You ALWAYS put your fans first. That is what I like. But even when your fan base was so little you still show how humble you were and you still continue to do that now. I appreciate everything you do because I know how hard you work to please us, like being away for your family for so long. I know how you miss them when you are away. So I will appreciate the time that you spend with us. Then you are almost 16 you grew up so fast it was like yesterday when I saw My Girl number five on the countdown on 106 & Park 10-18-10. You are the guy any girl will like to have. You are so sweet and a charmer. You know how a lady is supposed to be treated. Your future wife will be one lucky girl. But then it is all about your dancing when I see you dance my body cannot function right. Your moves are on point the way your body move is amazing. You remind me of a younger version of Chris Brown.   I love that. But your voice is amazing. When I hear you I smile anything you do is amazing. Like what can’t you do?   Then the day that made me smile extra hard was the day you met Chris Brown. I know how much you love him and how much he inspired you. So I was EXTRA happy for you. Then Prodigy you LOOK amazing, your swag is 100% on point. Then you have a beautiful smile every time you smile I smile. Then your muscles are perfection. You will always be that sweet, sexy, beautiful young man that everyone likes. I...


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