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Why Had International Peace Collapsed by 1939?

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After the Great War, the war tension seemed to be decreased, people all over in the Europe hoped there would not be a second war. Nations’ officials were constantly meeting for the conferences for the peace talk, accordingly, ‘peace treaties’ were signed and approved as well as the first international peace organization – the League of Nations, was established.
As it has been recorded, in 1939, the Second World War started leading by a strong dictator in the central Europe, and his name was Adolf Hitler.   I believe that there were four main reasons for the collapse of the international peace, which is outbreak of the war, these are: The World Economic Depression, which is mainly Wall street Crash; Failure of League of Nations; Nazi’s and Hitler’s foreign policies and Appeasement.  

The Wall Street Crash affected the whole world. This not only affected the Britain and France but the whole Europe. Prices fell dramatically as people refused to buy the shares. The German economy was very badly damaged, since it was also fined a massive amount of reparation. In 1933, Hitler became Prime Minister of Germany and he was very concerned about the problem and desperately wanted to do something about it.

In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson proposed the idea of the League of Nations. This meant that countries could sign this and they would be part of an alliance. They would work together to prevent war and to create peace. However, America did not sign the agreement. They said that they didn’t want to be sorting out other countries problems-the world’s policemen. Also, they said that the League was too slow; it had no power and no army. All decisions in the League had to be made unanimously. There were several crisis across the worlds, Abyssinia and Manchuria were the most difficult problems the league had to deal with. Both nations used military force to achieve full invasion of a nation. The Manchurian crisis was in 1931-33 and the Abyssinian crisis was in 1935-36....


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