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Mill Technology Promotes Market Expansion

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     In recent years, with the increasing demand for industrial powder, industrial demand for heavy calcium is increasing, there have been put much into large heavy calcium powder production projects in various regions, the main ingredient of marble is calcium carbonate-based in recent years. Which accounts for about50% or more, and become one of the main raw material for the production of heavy calcium, marble oxide containing calcium carbonate, iron, magnesium, manganese, etc., the powder material can be used as a pure chemical product, may also be used as industrial raw materials for processing, and ecological restoration materials.
     Also it can be instead of soda ash for recycling battery, in addition to antacids additive for coal-fired, it reduces SO2 emissions; hectares of land with 100 tons of marble powder slightly acidic value PH value of the soil can become close to neutral.The value; condensation molding process or resin transfer molding process for producing artificial marble can be used. The demand for decorative stone is huge, artificial stone will alleviate the shortage of natural stone resources situation.
     We know that the mineral resources through the crusher, mill ore deep processing, and then they are processed through a fine technical means such as magnetic separation, roasting, it can significantly improve the utilization of the ore, which is undoubtedly the domestic mining companies to reverse the passive situation opportunity. Deep processing of ore basic equipment includes: In addition to the pre-crusher, fine processing needs of all types of mill equipment. In order to meet the development needs of the trend of large quantities of mineral processing, crusher, mill products production and processing efforts will inevitably need to have a greater degree of improvement, which prompted the crusher, mill production enterprises to accelerate technology research and development, we...


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