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We want our page to inform people of the impact that the media can have on women and show how truly unrealistic and over sexualized they are. It is important that society recognizes the problem in order change it and respect all shapes, sizes, races, and ages of women.We explain how the view of the "ideal" woman has changed over time and why it has become what it is today. The effects and statistics show how truly damaging media is on women of all ages. We also want to recognize the companies that have taken steps to accepting all women as beautiful by having pictures, shows and covers with women of all shapes and sizes. We hope this is just the beginning of a new trend of openness and acceptance in the media.

Some experts say that womens sexualization in the media is done in order to grab viewers attention. 
Television and movies reinforce the importance of a thin body as a measure of a woman’s worth.
The media eye, in its many different forms, objectifies all of us. The result? Many of us begin to objectify ourselves. Self-objectification can lead to feeling self-conscious and humiliated, and it can make us believe that our bodies exist only for the pleasure of others. 

The problem with depictions of sex and sexual stereotypes on

television is that it has a negative effect on the development of young

people.   It encourages images of what people should imitate, and makes eople feel inadequate and different if they do not adhere to the


Evidence exists which suggests that what adolescents see on

television, whether or not they know fantasy from reality, is what they

assume society expects of them and the typical sexual being.   While it is

human nature to learn from one’s surroundings, television offers negative

images which adolescents take to be the norm.    

At an impressionable time in a young adult’s life, the media

bombards them with images of what may seem desirable.   The media is a



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