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Juvenile Justice

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Juvenile Justice
The juvenile court system has been in operation for a long time, dating back to the late 1800s; when the United States was legislating corrective policies regarding youth offenders. The juvenile court system was just the same as the adult court system; youth offenders over the age of seventeen were placed in prison with the adults (Lawyer Shop (n.d). But this policy would shortly change, society find out this would not work, and decided it more beneficial to rehabilitate the youth rather than punish the youth. During the last 20 years, even though there has been considerable lower rate in the youth of today crime rates, society opinion of youth violence has contributed to extensive reinforcement for the dismantling of the juvenile court system and the implementation of harsher crime legislation. Therefore, the juvenile system was revised; youth were no longer imprisoned with the adults and no longer tried as adult offenders. Instead juveniles were placed in reform housing which is better known as reform schools. As time moved on the juvenile court system began to change even more, juvenile courts had jurisdiction over all cases involving youth under the age of 18, by the 1960s (LawyerShop, (n.d.) The juvenile court system had completely separated itself from the adult court system. However, the juvenile system would soon change, the juvenile crime rate began to rise in the late 80s and mid-90s, and would reach its peak in 1994, so there was no choice but enforce the juvenile court system (LawyerShop, (n.d.) Therefore, once again the juvenile court system was revised, the new system would be made increasingly similar to the adult justice system. The revised juvenile court system states that a youth can and will be tried as an adult for some violent crimes and weapons violations (LawyerShop, (n.d.)
Crime is initiated not merely from curbed legitimate (legal) opportunity but also from easy to get illegitimate (illegal) opportunity. In short...


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