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Kinship is the connection that is made from one person to another through relations through genetic or blood relations or marriage. Kinship can influence many aspects of a culture, such as behavior, actions, and philosophies. This article will focus on how kinship affects the Australian Aborigines’ social interactions, family structure, and behavior. (Laird, Nowak)The Australian Aboriginal kinship systems are a set of laws within their culture that dictates social behavior and tradition such as marriage and hierarchy of a person according to their descendants. In Aboriginal laws, kinships direct an individual’s obligations to their clan and interactions with other relatives and community members. Some individuals may not be permitted to speak to one another without a third party involved to communicate, this Aboriginal law is set in place to delineate lineage. Because the Australian Aborigines are an oratory civilization, much of their history is not recorded through written language. In order to maintain a record of which two people are able to be married or not, it is important for each individual to know their place in society. (Hunter)Until 1788 Aboriginal people had developed their culture in comparative isolation for millennia. There has been much speculation about the exact population at the time of British arrival. In 1928 Radcliffe-Brown developed an estimate of about 300,000 at the arrival of the Europeans, while Professor Noel Butlin (1983), a geographer and demographer, estimated the population at about one million.
    The First Australians collectively spoke some 600-700 different dialects from at least 250 language groupings. They called themselves by specific Aboriginal names and were associated with particular territories in the land. Throughout the continent there was a characteristically Aboriginal way of life conducted within a common cultural framework but with much diversity. People in one region generally stayed within their own country...


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