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From the Farm to the Restaurant

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Miss Da Silva
February 15th, 2013
From the Farm to the Restaurant
In a society where people pride themselves as being educated and well mannered, it is outrageous how so many people did not learn the basic fundamentals of manners. These fundamentals are taught to us from the very beginning of our lives. These basic rules, as we all know (or do we?), include covering our mouth when we sneezing or cough, not drinking our soup making that “slurp slurp’’ sound, closing our mouth before burping, always saying “please’’ and “thank you’’ and the last but certainly not the least, eating or chewing gum with our mouth closed. It seems to me that whether I’m trying to get a fast bite to eat at McDonalds or even having a romantic dinner with my girlfriend at Bâton Rouge, people just don’t seem to understand that eating with your mouth wide open is not only rude but also disgustingly gross.
I was raised in a family where manners are extremely important. My parents made sure my brothers and I were well aware of what is   acceptable when sitting at a table and I was therefore very surprise when I realised that other parents seemed to have let the cows raise their young children. What I mean by that is simple; many people have the habit of chewing gum or their food just like a cow does. When my friends and I go to a restaurant, it’s easy to spot out the people who have this bad habit that always has me wondering if they were raised in a barn or if they simply did not listen to their parents. It is hard to understand what factor determines whether someone closes his or her mouth when eating, but I’ve come to a conclusion that some of these people might not be aware of how ridiculous and disgusting they look. Seeing someone eat with his mouth open is not only a question of manners and image; it’s also a question of respect for the people who are around you, trying to enjoy a delicious meal. Personally, such a display tampers my appetite.
Not only is chewing with...


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