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Time Management: Make Use Of Time ,Let Not Advantage Slip

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Time Management
I am currently working two full days per week for the employment service and three mornings per week labouring on a site in for extra money.   When I finish work I then look after and sort out my two and a half year old daughter and eight year old son.   At present I find it very difficult to study due to my time that is used looking after my children and the day to day interruptions of daily life.
By analysing my pie charts you can clearly see I have some days with very little time to spare and other days if I was organised and managed my time effectively would have a lot of spare time that I could fit my college work around.   I find it almost impossible to study when I have my children so the only spare time I have to study is when my children are in bed sleeping.
  At present I don’t allocate any time for study and when given assignments I try to complete them quickly at short notice. This has had a major impact on the quality of my college work as I have rushed work to get it done by the deadline given.
The only source I use is to remind me of deadlines for college work is to input dates on the calendar on my phone. To be more organised I should obtain a diary and organize my time accordingly. To achieve my goals I need to analyse my time management skills and stick to a plan and organise my time on a daily basis to find time to study effectively.   I need to have a plan of action and stick to this on a daily basis to ensure I prioritise and organise my time. By studying on a daily basis I believe that the quality of my work will be improved.
I refer to a quote by William Shakespeare who stated ‘Make use of time, let not advantage slip’. I believe if I made use of my time I would achieve my goals in college.
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