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Peace Cannot be Kept By Force

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Peace. Everyone wants peace, but yet some people don’t seem to follow even if the claim they’re doing it for the good of people and peace. Should everyone try to understand the reason why some people do certain actions? Understanding has the power to make a better world and brings people closer together. According to Albert Einstein, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” He stated that violence is not the way to attain peace but that understanding is the ideal way to encourage harmony. I believe he was correct. Have you ever thought that understanding is the key to solving problems in the whole world? This is an important aspect of communication that everyone needs to learn, and that understanding each other will bring everyone closer. Therefore, getting to know and understand people by creating a peace covenant will prevent such terrible events in the future.
            Misunderstanding is the essential core to why violence happens around the world. People judge on people’s outside without getting to understand and know the person’s inside. This pattern is dangerous; it will never stop. The solution is understanding. I know it is not easy to try to understand someone by talking to him or her when I’m in an argument. This happens to me, too. When I get upset, all I think about is hurting that person in a very bad way and satisfying my soul. However, I always think that revenge will not provide everlasting satisfaction; I try to prevent myself from adding more damage to the situation than what has already been done. I approach the person in humbleness by trying to understand why the person has hurt me. An enduring satisfaction of peace comes to me when this is achieved, and also I know the person well.
War. A battle between two oppositions is very common. The oppositions can only think of destroying their enemies. When people think about the word “war,” people think of a large and powerful scale of national power instead of...


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