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Life Is New

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I restlessly glanced at the concrete floor as I smoked away the cigarette I just received from a kind old man. The night was devastatingly cold I tried time and time shut my eyes and go to sleep to sleep but it seemed as though nothing could stop their reviviting. The noises in my enclosure consisted of a loud coffee shop beside me and the discrete footsteps and small talk around me feeling envious of their ability to go home to a warm bed. I too once had the opportunity I can now only dream of it all came to a crashing end when my mother passed. Depression overwhelmed me; I was barely making ends meet. Foster home didn’t treat me like my mother treated me. The lack of family resulted in my ultimate failure. With failure comes with everlasting pain I remember i used to ask myself why me? Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I be like the other kids? March 27 1986 when i was about 4 years old my mother was shot to death right in front of me my father was killed in a drug deal before i was born. A bullet hit my 6 year brother’s foot who would go on to commit suicide at the age of 19. I remember biting my mom trying to wake her up but unfortunately she never did. Growing up with no real parent figure wasn’t easy.
When I was 17 I decided to drop out of school because things weren’t looking so good for me I had lost my older brother and I just needed time to myself. I’d promised myself I’d return as soon as I could.   Was outside when I witnessed a murder and the man named Vito who had killed the other man told me not to say a thing, so I didn’t I kept my mouth shut when the police came to investigate. A week later the same man bought me a drink right before I had the chance to buy it and thanked me. He asked me about myself and i told him I don’t have parents in my life and he kindly offered to pay me to help around a bar he owned. I gladly took the offer and arrived the next day. Days turned into months and months into years. Vito had become a father figure to me...


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