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1. Department of agriculture
Department of commerce
Department of   defense
Department of energy
Department of health and human services
Department of homeland Secruity

Crime Scene Investigator - One expert trained in the use of forensics
Techniques , gathering DNA

Chimel - what arranging officers may search the defendant the physical area within easy reach of the defendant

Valid reasons for conducting a search - to protect the arresting officers - to prevent evidence from being destroyed / to keep the defendant from escaping / when a search become illegal/ when it goes beyond the defendant and the area within the defendant immediate control when it is conducted

VIGILANTISM- the act of taking the law into one's own hand

PROHIBITION LAWS- a dark period for american law enforcement agencies began in 1920 with the passage of a constitutional prohibition against all forms of alcoholic beverages until prohibition was repealed in 1953

SHERIFF- The Elected Chief officer of a country law enforcement agency

5 BASIC PURPOSES OF POLICING - 1. Enforcing the law 2. Apprehending offenders 3. Preventing Crime 4. Preserving The Peace 5. Providing Services

QUALITY OF LIFE OFFENSE - A minor violation of the law that demoralizes community

RESPONSE TIME - A measure of the time that it takes for police officers to respond to calls

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION- The process of discovering collecting preparing identifying and presenting evidence to determine what happened

CRIME SCENCE- The Physical area in which a crime is thought to have occurred and in which evidence of the crime thought to reside

SOLVABILITY FACTOR- information about a crime that forms the basis for determine the perpetrator identity

LINE OPERATIONS - in police organizations the field activities or supervisory activities directly related to day to day police work

CHAIN OF COMMAND- the unbroken line of authority that extends through...


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