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My Memories Is Most Precious In My Life

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Chelsea Wireman
* * * So when I think of what is most precious to me in life and what I value the most it is not a possession, it is my memories. I can only think of one thing that could show you a glimpse of all these memories I hold inside. It is through my family album which is packed full of beautiful memories i have made throughout my life. I believe my album is the best way for me to show you what I cherish most in life how it has made me who I am today. There are many different memories I could share with u guys, but we don't have all day so here's a couple that I love.
* * * This is a picture of my first beautiful baby girl Kiley Ann. This was taken a couple hours after she born. Im look like i had been to hell and back because i had. I was in labor for almost 30 hours and ended up having to have a C-section and had to be knocked out right before she was born. So this was the first time I saw her. It was Incredible definitely the best moment of my life. She was so perfect I just couldn't believe she was really mine. I couldn't take my eyes off her it was instantaneous love and this picture lets me relive that moment goin from such a scary uncontrollable situation to the best moment of my life.
* * * This second pic I thought was a great one to use because I looked at it for a sec n was wondering why kiley was wearing baby socks on her hands instead of all the mittens I know we had for her. Then I remembered it was because her little hands were too small to fit in the mittens, they just fell off of her. Without this picture in my album I would have completely forgot about this little memory of my baby that shows how little she really was.
* * * So I can't show you one of my baby girls without showing the other one. This is my second baby girl Kenzie shaylee she's my sweet little drama queen. I chose these two pics of her because of how much she has changed from one to the other. She looks so much different now then what she used...


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