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The Dirt Memory

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When my grandfather was alive he really love me be cause he just have only one grand son and that’s me he always put me on his motorcycle and go me everywhere,   he always bought for me a toy , some time he bought for me a lovely   little fish and let me play with this .

    Sometime he went me to his friend house, he put me on the chair and sat down to drank beer with his friend ,some time he pick some food and put this in my bowl and he look at me and smile . I really love him and I wish he buy allot toy for me but now he can’t do it because he can’t survive any more.

    That day he tell me stay at home because he will come home late , and he get in his motorcycle , went to his friend house and drank allot beer . At the midnight he came home and went to his room to drink tea, that night I heard he cough a lot .The next mooning his friend come to visit my grandfather, to talk to my grandfather some thing important. They went to his room and called him but he didn’t open the door.   They thought he still sleeping, they try to nock the door. When they touch the door it’s open and they saw my grand father lay on the table once of them touch him and he screamed , they try shake him up but to late he real dead .

      A next few day. Standing in the cold white house, I saw a big coffin in the middle side of the house and everybody sad some body on of them cry a lot. I hearing my aunt and my grand mother cried a lot, I thought “They very suffer and that so terrible” because we lost the important person in the family, the men who devoted love for us. The tough tower of the family. But now we can’t see him or hear him or speak to him anymore.

  Everybody was sad, that so horrible for my family. My dad looks so sadly, he didn’t say anything, and I thought “what is he thinking at that time?” “Is he missing grandpa?”

    When I heard the vicar praying, I was scared and crouch in hiding behind my mom.   That day I felt   sad and shocked because I don’t believe...


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