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Essay: Vocational Education In India

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Essay on Vocational Education in India
The greatest challenge for education is to meet the needs of the society. The present day need of Indian society is not simply to acquire general education, but to increase productivity. Obviously, therefore, education should come into closer relationship with productivity. This function of education can be achieved by giving a strong vocational basis to secondary education and by giving more emphasis on agricultural and technological, job-oriented education at the University stage.
Vocational training existed in some form or the other even in ancient India. People had to cut wood, wear cloth, prepare their furniture, repair their huts, work on the farm and do various other similar jobs. The son would learn the trade from his parents and gain mastery in the art and then, in turn pass his skill on to his son.
Vocational education (vocationalisation) means training in some vacation at the higher secondary level along with general education. Indian Education Commission observed, "We visualize the future trend of school education to be towards a fruitful mingling of general and vocational education-general education containing some elements of the pre-vocational and technical education, and vocational education, in turn, having an element of general education... ''
It is commonly agreed that education must be related to the needs and aspirations of the people. The most pressing need of the country is to produce more. To achieve this end, one of the most important measures is to vocationalise education, especially at the secondary school level to meet, the needs of Agriculture, Trade and Industry. The concept of vcoationalisation, as stated by the Kotbari Commission, moans to provide a strong vocational bias to secondary education, It docs not mean that general and vocational education should be segregated, rather the two should be galvanized to deliver (he goods
The need and importance of vocational education can be...


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