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Ptsd: the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is becoming more and more of a concern in today’s society.   Many people believe that military veterans are the only ones who can acquire post traumatic stress disorder.   Others think it is a sign of psychological weakness.   These are two myths that have caused today’s society to under think and over think the real issues of PTSD.   The basic definition of stress is the hardships or afflictions that affect people in daily life.   Post traumatic stress disorder is much more than normal everyday stress.   PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that can occur after someone has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death.   Individuals can find post traumatic stress from anything as little as a natural disaster or an assault. PTSD can be around the rest of the person’s life.   It may vary person to person, as to how long the symptoms are around. For most peoples suffering, PTSD symptoms improve over the first year.   It is common for individuals with PTSD to have depression anxiety or substance abuse. The main cause of post traumatic stress is unknown.   However, it is known that psychological, genetic, physical and social factors are involved.   Studies show that having a history of trauma can increase the chance of getting PTSD.   In order to understand PTSD, society needs to be educated on the symptoms, the diagnosis and treatments, and the effects on life.
Post traumatic stress disorder has many symptoms that sometimes do not surface for months or years after the event.   Some symptoms of PTSD are feeling upset about things reminding them of the event, feeling emotionally cut off from others, losing interest in things, and trouble keeping their mind on things.   These symptoms fall into three main categories; reliving the pain and events, avoidance, and arousal.   Reliving the event is the first symptom of PTSD.   Reliving the event means having flashbacks causing...


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