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Lazy Lady

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Lazy Lady

It seems that the lazier people are, the more I can't stand them. One thing is for sure; I can't stand my mom. "Maxme or MOM" is how I would address her, or should I say have to address her. I would have preferred boss or master. Yes sir, she's the queen of them all. She could probably write a book titled What it Takes to be Lazy. In her case, I guess you could consider it a lifestyle but try not to compare her to Martha Stewart or anyone like that. My mom is lazy from the hairs on her head to the toes on her feet. Let me give you a little insight into this lazy, lazy, lazy lady.

An average weekday morning for her consists of normally getting up to go to
work. It's true that not very many people in today's society aren't morning people, but supposedly she's to be at work by 8:00am, but doesn't get out of bed till 7:30am. It seems to be a routine for her not to go to bed till about one o'clock that night, doing nothing out of the ordinary except for moping around the television surrounded with junk food. I believe this is what accounts for her not waking up on time. I wait and wait for what seems like hours as the time rolls by until she's all ready to go.

Every day she makes up the same excuse that she's too scared to drive. She's had a license for about twelve years, as for me only one, yet she still requires me to drive her to work. When you compare our experience behind the wheel, it should be me shaking in my pants. Due to her laziness, I wind up being late to work or school each day.
Upon arriving at work, Mom takes her sweet time getting to her desk, about as fast as a slug could cross a sidewalk. There's not much she does at work, or if you could even call it work, considering she is so damn lazy. She sure loves to call up relatives everyday. She chats with them for hours, very aware she is at work. She practically talks longer on the phone at work than at home. Amazingly, none of her fellow co-workers seem to care. I mean all she...


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