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Interpretative News

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Interpretative News:
Interpretative news is news that explains facts to the reader and help the reader comprehend the importance of the information in a given article. Such articles may include why a certain event or incident happened, the background story, a list of persons involved in the incident including their short bio-notes, and the significance, relevance, or importance of the incident.
Interpretive news is a way to explain or tell the meaning of or present the news in an understandable way, which sometimes contains the presenter's own interpretation of the facts which could be different from reality or truth.
Interpretative reporting develops as the result of careful thought and analysis of an idea as well as dogged pursuit of facts to bring together information in a new, more complete context which provides deeper public understanding. It usually involves more complex issues or sets of facts than a classic expose. It reveals a new way of looking at something as well as new information about it.
Interpretative Journalism:
Interpretive (or interpretative) journalism goes beyond the basic facts of an event or topic to provide context, analysis and possible consequences. Interpretive journalists must have unusual familiarity with and understanding of a subject, and their work involves looking for patterns, motives, and influences that explain what they are reporting (Keller 1997 ).
Different authors give different views in regard to interpretative reporting. Among these are:
1. It is reporting news in depth and with care, news refreshed with background materials to make it comprehensible and meaningful. –Lester Markel, editor, The Sunday New York Times
2.       It is objective judgment based on background knowledge of a situation or appraisal of an event which are essential parts of news. – Lester Markel
3.       It is telling the reader everything he needs to know about a given development, and all the essential facts in a way that...


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