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Educational Beliefs

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Logan Velasquez
Intro. to College Reading & Writing
February 18, 2013
Educational Beliefs
Steve Jobs believes in letting life take you down its own path and to ride it out because everything happens for a reason. I to believe that everything happens for a reason but when it comes to education in my opinion I think that everyone should go to college and get a degree or even learn a trade to make a living. If you live life as you go with no planning you could wind up like Steve Jobs but then again you also could be less fortunate and wind up working a dead end job barley making it by month to month. Even though Steve Jobs dropped out of college doesn’t mean he just stopped there, he had a plan and he was very tech savvy which in the end helped him become the successful man he was. I am on the same level with Steve Jobs saying that college isn’t for everyone, but if college isn’t for you there has to be some kind of backup plan or else you’re dropping out will only hurt you. In my opinion going to college is one of the easier routes to take because everything is cut out for you, all you need to do is choose what you want to major in and all your classes are selected for you. Steve Jobs did not find this very appealing when he was in school he wanted to take classes that appealed to him, he didn’t want to be told what class to take. By doing so Steve Jobs used what he learned and put it into his first mac he created. Most people today don’t have the power to go out and invent something and become wealthy off it. This is why I strongly believe that college is route to follow and if you decide not to follow it you better have a good plan or something to fall back on like Steve Jobs did.


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