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To what extent can researchers plan for ethical issues when working with children and young people?

  Over the course of this essay I shall be examining the question above in more detail.   I try not to use first person references in your essays – rather use third person ie. This essay will examine ... will look at the ethical issues that should be addressed when planning research and provide examples from a research journal and also a research paper that I have read.   The journal that I will be using is by Barbara Dennis (2009) ‘What does it mean when an ethnographer intervenes?’ and the research paper that I will be using is by Samantha Punch (2004) ‘Negotiating Autonomy: Children’s use of time and space in rural Bolivia’ Then I will pull all the information together and review the main points of my essay in the conclusion. Rather than indicating the mechanics of how your essay will be constructed and the papers you will be considering, use your introduction to introduce the concepts and ideas you will be discussing in your essay and the position you will be adopting throughout. Note, that you do not need to list the titles of papers in your essay, they are indicated in your reference list.

  Ethical issues are an important part of the whole research process right up to and including dissemination.   The research process should follow an appropriate framework,   an example of which was set out by Pricilla Alderson (2004) in reader B ‘Doing research with children and young people’   she calls it the ‘Ethical Framework’ and is based on three main ways of thinking that should be taken into account when planning a research project.

    • The Principles

To always respect the children or young people that you are doing the research on as human beings and that the research is good research. (Alderson, 2004, Pg 98)

    • Rights Based Research

Again this is to make sure that respect is given to the research subject but it is also concerned with the...


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