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The Real Castro

Fidel Castro led a rebel group in the 1950s. He over threw the U.S government and became the first rebel to do so. He also became the most loved man in Cuba. At first everything was great but then people got tired of his strict rules. The U.S attempted time after time to assassinate Castro but it was never successful.  
Castro took part in many things that angered the U.S and soon the U.S and Cuba would hate each other. During the Cold War Cuba stored nuclear missiles on their land this was the U.S’ breaking point. Many laws were made making interactions with Cuba near impossible. Cuba government and the U.S haven’t got along since.
Castro’s government began to fail and Cuba became weaker economically. In result to this decline in success Castro became even stricter and many Cubans became upset with him. He went from the most loved man in Latin America to the most hated by many. Lots of Cubans fled from Cuba to Florida becoming 1/6 of the population in Southern Florida.
Castro dictatorship struggled up until Castro handed his leadership over to his brother who now is “restoring” Cuba. Although many believe he isn’t much better than his brother he seems to show much improvement.
Castro is a big part of Latin American history because the U.S took advantage of Latin America and Castro decided he was going to stop it. He was the first man to ever stand up to the U.S. Because of him many Latin American countries started to Stand up to the “Bullies”   (America). If it weren’t for Castro many Latin American countries would still be under U.S control.

Remember Castro’s legacy may be hated by many but loved by so many more.


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