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Environment: Distinguish The Root Cause Of Unsustainability

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A thirst for unbridled economic growth and an increase in comforts and amenities afflicts humanity today. Humans began using their intellect to satisfy their basic needs and to provide some additional comforts. We thus developed technologies and frameworks for management and governance, collectively known as development. Our development in all the various fields has been truly impressive in many ways. Yet ironically, today the basic needs of at least a third of the human population are not secure. Society is riddled with innumerable and intractable problems. Moreover, we now face environmental problems of such magnitude that they threaten the very existence of humanity and millions of other species on earth. It is clear that modern development, even though it is the product of truly remarkable knowledge acquired by mankind, has failed to achieve its goal of ensuring the long term survival, comfort and prosperity of mankind. Hence, a newer paradigm of developmentā€”sustainable developmentā€”is necessary.

The urgent need for sustainable development comes from three undesirable consequences of modern development:
  * The multitude of serious environmental problems that threaten not only humanity but all life on earth.
  * Society riddled with war, strife, corruption, poverty, terrorism, and injustice.
  * Individuals suffering from a variety of health and psychological problems.

In this unsustainable model of development, almost any simple activity done by us, inevitably produces some negative environmental and social impacts. This is because everything in Nature is interconnected and interdependent. Luckily, the converse of this is also true. That is, every sustainable action done by us also inevitably produces some beneficial environmental and social impacts. Thus, instead of criticizing governments, corporates, or the 'system' or getting dejected and not doing anything about it, we can do the most obvious - ACT SUSTAINABLY. But before...


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