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Lord of the Flies. Essay

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Strange as it may seem the longest and most successful form of society in human history has been that of hunters and gatherers.   On the one hand, the term "primitive culture" is used to refer to a society that is considered to be less developed and wilder than modern one.   But on the other hand, the concept of a «noble savage», which proves the fact our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and each other, confirms that people in primitive cultures were naturally innocent, truthful, generous, healthy, and wise. Anyhow, so-called civilized society gradually comes back to the theory of evolution by natural selection. Actually, the point is whether people are going to become bloodthirsty and barbarous or there is any slight hope of turning into a «noble savage».
One of the major themes of William Golding’s novel «Lord of the flies» is the conflict of civilization and intrinsic to every human being cruelty. Throughout the book, the struggle is dramatized by the clash between Ralph and Jack, who represent exactly these two oppositions. While Ralph uses his authority to establish rules and bring the situation under control, Jack is interested in gaining power over the other boys. It is Ralph’s firm belief: «The rules the only thing we have got. » Whereas Jack is in opposition to him: «Just giving orders that don’t make any sense.»
In the early chapters of the novel, the author suggests that one of the important functions of civilized society is a rise above savagery. Jack's initial desire to kill pigs, in order to demonstrate his bravery, fails. He justifies himself: «I was just waiting for a moment…» But everyone on the island understand that Jack can’t just overcome «the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living fresh» Later, Jack assumes leadership of his own tribe, he demands the complete subordination of the other boys, who not only serve him but worship him as an idol. Meantime civilization «takes French leave» from the island, chaos increases its...


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